How do you handle a setback?

This last weekend I had big plans! I was going to kick off the cycling season with a 70k Cycling Race. After taking a few years off road cycling consistently I was, and still am, determined to get back on track this year. So… I decided to join one of my clients (Nick, who happens to be our client of the Month for April) in riding the Paris to Ancaster 70k. For those of you who know me, I LOVE a good, fun competitive challenge so this was something I was looking forward to. The weather proved promising for the first time in years and I was geared up and ready to go.

Then came the ‘stickler’! Arrgg! Last Thursday on one of our outdoor workouts I had a fluke incident which developed into a pretty bad infection and resulted in me not being able to participate in the race this weekend. I was frustrated for sure. Here we are SMACK in the middle of a 30 day Fat Loss Challenge, which I am participating in, I just picked up a brand NEW bike to ride AND it’s my inaugural weekend to kickstart the summer.

Choices had to be made. Now what? THIS is where most people run into the DRIFT when what they need is to SHIFT. Let’s talk about it.

The DRIFT is where you allow that setback to throw you off course. You blame, make excuses and fall back into your old habits and keep – well, DRIFTING… (Until the next bolt of motivation hits you)

The SHIFT is where you take Ownership and choose to get something out of your setback and PUSH! on.

I am a big believer that MINDSET is everything when it comes to every area for our lives. It’s what we choose to do, choose to think, choose to act that really sets us free or keeps us slaves to being stuck where we are.

I chose the SHIFT. OK so I am going to miss a few extra days of exercise while this inflammation goes down and the antibiotics kick in but I took this as an opportunity to get really focused on QUALITY healing foods, home cooking and practicing recovery. I figured this is Gods’ way of wanting me to S.L.O.W. down.

What do I need to focus on now to overcome this?
I shifted my thinking from “Great, now I can’t do this, I have to take antibiotics which I hate AND I am going to be way behind” to…

“GREAT I am going to take this time to nourish my body with foods that speed up healing.
“I am going to learn more about how to balance taking antibiotics when necessary (which this was) with more natural alternatives so they can work together.”
“I am going to PLAN another couple riding adventures I can look forward to this summer!”
“I am going to spend the day supporting my family as they ride/race and enjoy it instead of being jealous and frustrated I am not out there.”

What came out of it?
I got to attend the USANA conference in Toronto where Dr. Karen Wolfe was talking about key lifestyle habits and supplementation for preventative health which I am totally bringing back to all you guys!
I built an awesome immune building protocol combining Whole Foods, Fermented Foods and Supplemental Support of immune cells with vitamins C and; D-found in USANA Mega Antioxidant, Proflavanol C100, Poly C, and Vitamin D.
I am aiming to keep a balanced gut flora and ousting harmful bacteria with USANA Probiotic.
I got to hit all my fave little shops and try some new fermented foods, kombuchas and even found one I am going to have as a staple moving forward! (At Harrington Lane Farms)
I got to practice HOME COOKING. Usually my weekends are crazy busy but since I couldn’t train I pulled out my new cookbook “AUTO-IMMUNE PALEO COOKING” and made some delicious anti-inflammatory meals. (I also made chocolate truffles 🙂 They were delicious. Recipe to come…
I got to head out to the track and support Jeff in his first MX race of the season which was very exciting.
Finally I booked my trip to ITALY for this summer where I am planning on doing some beautiful rides in the Italian countryside. I will make up the 70 k there! SUPER Exciting for me!! I have been working on this for years.

All in all, I am feeling pretty good about this setback.

Wanted to share this with you as a reminder that we all have setbacks. This wasn’t a biggie, but big ones come and lots of small ones will keep coming. What you THINK and DO next matters.

Will you make the SHIFT and keep growing or accept the DRIFT and remain the same?