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How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I had more energy” and then followed it up with an excuse such as, “But I don’t have time/motivation/resources,” etc.?

Most of us want more energy, we all crave more energy to experience fulfilling lives, but we’re constantly drained by every day stressors, packed schedules and plagued by feelings of guilt or other negative emotions because we feel like we’re not doing enough.

Sound familiar? The truth is that energy isn’t something you have or don’t have – it CAN be developed and is something that you maintain consistently. It all starts with a shift in your mindset.

Three Shifts for Creating Your Energy Mindset

There are three critical shifts that can help you to develop a healthier mindset for improved energy.

  • First Shift: Energy is generated. If you’re under the impression that energy is something you have or don’t have, that’s false. Energy is actually generated. Think of your body as a power plant; it’s alive and in motion – it’s constantly generating energy. It’s important to get yourself out of a headspace of no energy and shift more toward taking action, recognizing and reinforcing to yourself the question of, “I’m not feeling energized so what do I need to do to generate energy?” That can mean taking a walk, working out, or even simply slowing yourself down and taking a nap. What’s it going to take for you to generate energy? How can you wake up and generate energy? What are you doing throughout the day to generate energy? Remember that this is something you choose to create and that you have control over how much energy you generate.
  • Second Shift: Energy = bandwidth. Think of your energy in terms of white space or bandwidth. Instead of saying “I don’t have” or “I can’t”, take a moment to think about how much bandwidth you have in your mind. Recognize that 25% of your physical energy is used up by your brain, all of that mental energy, and it’s important for you to create space simply to think and have time for yourself. To help yourself create more bandwidth, consider adding 15-30 minute time blocks in your calendar throughout the day. What could you do with that space?
  • Third Shift: Make time for yourself. Do you feel selfish or guilty for taking time for yourself? Remember that you can’t show up for other people if you’re not showing up for yourself, and that you only have a certain amount of energy available in a given day. So, it’s critical that you make time for yourself to re-charge and restore. If there’s no restoring happening, you’re running on adrenaline and will quickly burnout. If you’re not sure where your energy is going, a helpful exercise is to draw a sun with rays pointing inward and outward. For all the outward rays, identify the things that are taking your energy out throughout the day. For the inward rays, note all of the things that give you energy, that make you feel good, that help you keep generating energy. Are there an equal number of rays in the two pictures? If there are more outward rays, you need to make that time for yourself doing things that give you energy.

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Having more energy IS possible and it starts with shifting your mindset using the three simple techniques above. Asking yourself these questions and learning to recognize when your energy is low, then acting to generate more time and energy for yourself, is more than doable. You can try this right now and you may just see a big difference in a few days.

For more information, please check out our video and be sure to take a look at the other videos in this series for simple ways you can start living a healthier life today.

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