And when you don’t you are REALLY good at getting on your case about it?

Why I NEED a coach and why YOU do too.

I know most of you reading this blog are already quite knowledgeable about caring for your health, making wise food choices and many of you have been exercising for years.

I realize for many of you….

It’s not your first time at the rodeo.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take ALL that knowledge you have about healthy eating and proper exercise and apply it to your life daily?

What would that even look like for you?

It would be pretty awesome.

I am convinced thatfood is medicine, movement is life and your mindset determines your reality.

What IF you could weave the three together and just master it?

Maybe you have had times when you were there. In the ZONE. I call that the FLOW.

It’s when you are just on fire!

You feel strong, confident and in control.

You feel lean and clean and you are so focused on living a life that is FULL of experiences and have a body that supports you.

It’s a great place to be.

So if you have all this great knowledge, what gives?

Today I want to talk about the FREEDOM and POWER that comes from working with a coach and why I believe all of us (including myself) should have one.

Again – this has come about because sooooo many times I am in a consultation with someone and I keep hearing:

“ I KNOW what to eat, I KNOW how to exercise,

I KNOW this and that about my hormones, I know that about stress…

I KNOW… I Should… I KNOW… I Should…” and round and round we go…

We know a lot of things. The frustrating part is that KNOWING and DOING do not always go together. I have said it many times and, yup, I am repeating myself because you need to hear this.

It’s time to take some of the pressure off yourself and stop thinking you have to figure it all out.

Here are the reasons I work with a coach and why I KNOW it is often what is necessary to create the change we want. These are in no particular order by the way 🙂

1. It takes the pressure off.

So much of the stress we put on ourselves is self induced. I don’t know where we picked it up, but somewhere along the line many of us developed a need to be in control of everything, know everything and be the best at everything.

When we are less than what we feel… well -inadequate. As if there is something wrong with us.

I certainly had this feeling for many years trying to figure out my finances. I thought I should know what to do and the fact that I needed someone else to get involved and help me figure out my **** really made me feel incompetent, which is ridiculous! Giving up that need took the pressure off, helps us relax and lean in to learn a better way.

2. It gives me perspective.

I think you can agree that it is VERY tough to be objective about your habits, thoughts and patterns when you are the one standing in the muck of it all. Have you ever given a great perspective to someone else that feels like such an obvious thing to you but they just can’t see it?

A great coach will call you out. They are there to coach you, not make you feel warm and fuzzy all the time but to help you GROW, STRETCH or SLOW things down a bit when you need to.


Often in the times I have felt most overwhelmed and stuck, it’s been working with a coach that has put things into perspective. It slowed down the crazy thoughts and allowed me to move forward feeling capable. I see this with the clients I work with over and over. We all feel out of control with our ‘crazy lives’. No one else has life like ours! Ours is busier, our people are more of a pain, our workload is bigger… (Hmmm .. take a deep breath, let’s step back and break this down).

3. I am not the expert of everything.

In keeping with point number 1, I also recognize that even though I have valuable knowledge, someone else out there has done more research, worked with more people, seen more situations and hurdles than I have. I can be free in knowing that I am the expert of what I do but I can not be the expert of everything! Neither can you:) Work within your area of genius and reach out to someone else who operates in theirs. Now you have the best of both worlds.

4. I need a system.

Some people may disagree here but I know that in order to be successful you need to build a system. Habits are systems layered on top of each other that repeated over time create massive results. And great systems build on each other. As a coach I take my clients through a system that progresses them from one thing to the next. From one layer of practice (applied knowledge) to the next. You have to start at the bottom and build from there. There are a lot of us out there who attack projects, goals, our health with no plan. It’s craziness. We are just randomly trying all these different things and then get upset when things don’t work out.

Experimenting is cool and fun and variety is important but you need to know that if you follow a plan you get results.

5. I have support.

Need I say more? Too often we turn to the wrong people to be our support system. I’ve been there, done it. You get all fired up about something and so excited to get going, only to go share it with (fill in the blank) and they poo poo on your idea. Or worse you have friends/family members who actually try to sabotage you. It’s not always intentional but it happens.

You have got to get connected with someone who has your back and a great coach does.

6. There is ALWAYS another level.

I am competitive and I believe in kicking butt. It feels good to master things and it makes me more confident to step out and try even more things. The more confidence I get, the more I do and that generates more confidence for the next thing.

No matter where you are today, I guarantee you there is another level for you to go. If you are already healthy, you can explore a deeper understanding of what works for you. If you are already fit, you can set a new goal or try that crazy thing you’ve been secretly thinking about. Let’s level up!

7. There is someone holding me accountable

Some of us are great at holding ourselves accountable. Some of us are great at it in certain areas and terrible in others. That is often true if the area we are struggling in doesn’t come naturally to us. It’s easy to stay on track with things we love doing and are good at!

Working with a coach provides that extra layer of accountability in the areas we need more discipline and consistency in.

8. There is ACTION required.

Reflection and awareness are great things. But too many of us stop there. You can have all the awareness in the world but you need ACTION and forward momentum to create the change. Otherwise you have a great deal of knowledge and emotions to deal with and it’s a great place to get stuck! I believe therapy can be a great source to uncover the “why” behind behaviours that are driving us.

Coaching moves us from the present to the future by creating actionable steps for us to move on and create momentum. Momentum then creates motivation to keep going.

9. It’s a safe place. This is about me and my stuff.

Sometimes it’s nice to talk with a friend or your mom, or your husband/wife. But there are other things you just don’t want to share with the world. Having a safe place to go, dump your thoughts and emotions to someone who isn’t directly involved with you is both therapeutic for you and takes the pressure off the people around you to solve your problems! It keeps things confidential, allows you the space to unload and reflect AND eliminates opinions and judgement that don’t add to your life.

10. It aligns with my vision.

You are always either moving towards something or away from something. If I want to get better, fitter, stronger, grow my business, love my family more, be a better leader I have to move towards that. If I am not intentional I can get away with coasting for a while, but sooner or later you wind up sliding backwards. It’s just the reality.

So… can you relate? Reading this list, how do you feel?

If you are already working with a coach – in any area of your life – I want to commend you. Whether it’s a business coach, health coach or mentor, congrats on building your potential!

If you are not working with a coach, what is stopping you?

I want to encourage you to take the time to invest in yourself and explore the possibility of what your life could be like if you had these elements in your life. Let’s have a conversation:)


PS As always, I love to hear your feedback so please comment below. Like what you read? I would love it if you would share this post 🙂

Here’s to your optimal body and health – Christine Line