Welcome Summer! It’s officially here and I think many of us have already made the mental shift into ‘vacation’ mode. That’s OK and good on ya! Every once in a while, it’s needed. After working hard for a long time or working towards something non stop, we have to pause, take a deep breath, chill out and just relish where we are.

Today I want to encourage you to pause, breathe and chill. Have FUN and be totally present in your body enjoying new experiences this summer. I also want to use this as a reminder though that pause and quit are not the same thing 🙂 Unfortunately this is also where I see a lot of people fall right back to the beginning because they just totally stop doing what they have been doing and the pause becomes a ‘back to the old way of operating’!

I have had a lot of great discussions lately around the topic of “quitting when we get really close to our goal”. I often get people, clients and friends asking me, “WHY do I keep sabotaging myself!?” JUST when I am totally on track, the weight comes off and I am feeling so good… something in me kicks in and then I think it’s ok to totally ‘eat everything in sight’ and have a terrible week. Why oh why??

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been SO close to accomplishing something and then BAM! you have an epic fall backwards? (It’s ok – that has happened to me too). Maybe you end up eating the WHOLE tub of ice cream and then some or you were doing so great working towards that goal run and then the training fell apart. Whatever it is… something stops us from getting from where we are to where we want to be. Then we get back, get refocused, determined to do it right next time- we blow forward only to go through the same cycle again.

And I am not just talking about food here. This applies to our training plans, our work, our relationships. We work so hard towards something and then just when we get really close, we muck it up. We do something really stupid. We know better and we do it anyway!

OK – STOP the insanity! I honestly have struggled with this myself and continue to work on it every single day. I believe the missing link or piece here is OUR BELIEF system.

Do you actually BELIEVE in yourself?
Do you BELIEVE you are ABLE, CAPABLE and equipped to reach your goal? To be confronted by tempting treats and be able to stick to the plan?
Do you BELIEVE you can actually BE that person – that healthy, strong, happy person you long for?
Do you BELIEVE you will follow through?
Do you BELIEVE you can maintain it once you get there? What happens if and when?

Be honest with yourself. It’s tough. I think the main reason we self sabotage is that we are programmed to stay where it is safe. Even though we don’t like how we feel, the chronic pain we are in or how we look, it’s what we know. It’s how we define ourselves. We are afraid of the unknown, afraid to fail, afraid we won’t be able to keep up (and then look like a failure – again).

I am going to tell you this. IF you want to change, you have to BELIEVE in yourself. You have to BELIEVE that you are worth it, you are ABLE, you are capable of doing this. You have to BELIEVE you can be strong, healthy, happy. You have to BELIEVE that although you don’t know exactly what or how to get there, you can get help and support and will figure it out!

I have said it before and I will keep saying it.
You believe what you tell yourself more than what anyone else will ever tell you.
What is the tape you play? The story you keep telling yourself when you start your fitness journey ?
What is they story you tell yourself when the workouts get hard, when your muscles get sore, when everyone else is drinking and eating everything in site and you are trying to be ‘good’?


Today I am going to leave you with that. One simple but very powerful exercise I have clients do is write out their BELIEFS or AFFIRMATIONS about themselves. I call it “Redefining I AM”
I want you to do this for your FITNESS life but go beyond it if you like.
Here is how it works:

1. Get a pen and paper (or use my handout!). Even better get a journal you love and make this list.
2. What is the negative self talk you need to re-define. Write out a list of attributes you want to have or become. Things you struggle with and hear yourself talking yourself down about. Some could be “I am strong. I am Focused. I am Disciplined. I am Able!” Think about it. What do FIT and healthy people do. WHO are they? Start with 5 things and keep building it.
3. Start to re-define yourself. Every morning just read through the list. Say it out loud to yourself. You MUST BELIEVE what you are writing. In the beginning it sounds phony. But the more you hear yourself say it, the more you will start to believe it. Make sure as you say these things you start to back it up with real evidence. The more evidence you give yourself the more you believe it.
– Example: I AM strong. Today I lifted 5 lbs more than last week. I can walk up the stairs without being in pain or winded. I ran that 5k without even stopping!

This is a POWERFUL exercise. If nothing else be aware. What do you BELIEVE? It’s time to start believing you are capable of being that person. When the going gets hard that’s part of the process. Everything that goes through a transformation, growth or change – does so under pressure. Are you willing to go there?

Where have you struggled and what BELIEF system do you need to switch up? I would love to hear from you! Please comment or share this blog if this resonates with you. Your feedback is huge!

As an added bonus I am giving you this freebie “Re-defining I AM” to get you started with this exercise. Download it now and start believing YOU GOT THIS!!