Corporate Wellness Programs

Increase Engagement, Productivity, and Employee Fulfillment. Serving  Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, and the surrounding area.

corporate wellness program led by Christine Line

Happy, Healthy, & Motivated Individuals Make Better Teams

Are your office employees sluggish when they arrive in the morning? Do they always hit the 2pm slump? Are your staff meetings mundane and repetitive with little engagement, energy, or enthusiasm? Does it seem everybody’s just trying to get through another day?

If so, here are two questions for you:

  • What is low energy and disengagement costing your organization in time, money, sales, resources, and lost productivity?
  • If your employees had more energy, clarity, focus, and felt better about themselves, how productive and successful would your business be?

Research shows the highest performing teams are healthy teams. And companies that invest in employee wellness program have higher retention and fulfillment.

Corporate wellness allows us to look at four components of optimal well-being and bring them to your team:

  • Nutrition: Eating for better mental clarity, focus, and healthy weight loss.
  • Movement: How we move through the day is critical in creating and maintaining energy levels. We’ll bring strategies and tips your team can implement right away to start feeling better, stronger, and pain-free.
  • Lifestyle habits:  Stress management, better sleep, and habit formation are key to longevity. We’ll dive into easy ways to create new habits to support optimal health.
  • Mindset: Attitude is everything. Our holistic approach is based on behavioural psychology and neuroscience.


Get Ready To Transform Your Office!

With fun, inspiring, fitness programs everyone can participate in.

Public Speaking to Get Your Team Psyched. Corporate Wellness in Burlington to Get Them Going.

At PUSH!FIT, we know our brains work best when we move our bodies and fuel ourselves with clean eating habits.

When you’re looking to shake things up and change the status quo around the office, you need a program that’s right for your group.

We have a variety of fun activities, informative topics, and interactive challenges designed to get your team moving, thinking, eating, and working at their highest productivity levels ever.

  • Lunch and Learns: Educate your team on everything from healthy traveling for work, to foods to eat to boost mental sharpness, to how to effectively manage stress.
  • Fat Loss/Wellness Challenges: Collectively drop the pounds and increase their health and productivity with a fat loss challenge everyone will want to participate in and rock.
  • Comprehensive In-House Wellness Programs: Imagine working at peak performance all year long. We’ll develop a 12 month program to transform the eating habits, health, and mental clarity of everyone in your office. Including you.
  • High Performance Mastery: For top performing teams, sales teams, and for those who need to operate at their peak, we will dive into the habits of the world’s top performers based on scientific research, neuro-science, and it’s completely action-based. Mastering clarity, productivity, influence, and focus.
28 Day sugar bust challenge
A holistic wellness class in Burlington
A corporate wellness event
An outdoor corporate wellness session
A wellness session in Burlington
A certified coach speaking at a corporate wellness event in Burlington