Small Group Personal Training In Burlington

Serving Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, and the surrounding area

small group personal training in burlington

Positivity. Teamwork. Encouragement. Results.

Transform yourself – and inspire others to do the same – in a fun, energetic, and positive environment!

At PUSH!FIT’s small group training classes you’ll find:

  • Small sessions with a maximum of 8 people. You aren’t lost in a crowd.
  • An encouraging and safe setting with people of all levels. No matter where you’re starting, there’s a session for you.
  • You will work hand-in-hand with a personal trainer who provides one-on-one attention and modifications whenever you need it.
  • A community where all milestones are celebrated and everyone holds each other accountable.

Group personal training is the best of both worlds: A sound foundation to start from and custom modifications to kick things up a notch when you’re ready.

Get fit. Have fun. Get more from your workouts.

Personalized Small Group Training Is Intimate, Effective, & Transformative.

Six fabulous reasons why our group training works.

  • Variety: Each small group training session is structured for you and your class. You’ll never be bored or feel like you’ve reached a plateau.
  • Support: When you provide that little push to someone who needs it, you can bet they’ll pay it back to you down the line.
  • Tailoring: Form. Technique. Fundamentals. Our trainers get to know you. Whatever you need to work on is what you’ll be working on.
  • Fun: You’ll actually look forward to working out, inspiring your friends, and seeing the improvements in your body and fitness.
  • Structure: Your fitness coach plans all aspects of each session for you: The warm-up. The workout. The cool-down.
  • Accountability: In addition to a community where everyone holds each other accountable, you have a personal accountability coach who revisits your goals each month.
A small group training session
A small group high intensity interval training session
A small group training session
A small group training class performing static stretching
A small group training class performing static stretching
A group training session doing dynamic stretching